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National park
Kids at Playground

Park in Our Neighbourhood

Primary, Junior (Recommended grades: 1 and 2)

What happens to the neighbourhood park when the owner of the land decides to build a parking lot on the site? Can it be saved? Children learn the valuable lessons of being involved in their community, and how to achieve a common goal. Create sound effects, and choral chants in music, learn the celebration dance and work with visual arts materials in the children’s art studio!

A1.1 Develop short movement phrases inspired by a variety of activities in their community and incorporating different pathways, directions, and shapes

A1.2 Use dance as a language to represent the main ideas in poems and stories, with a focus on body and space

A1.3 Create distinct beginnings and endings for dance phrases in a variety of ways

A1.4 Use a variety of locomotor and non-locomotor movements to depict creatures and objects in the world around them

Cross-Curriculum Info

Social Studies: People and Their Environments:
Global Communities

B1.3 Children demonstrate an understanding of the importance of sustainability with people’s relationship with their environment and the consequences of sustainable and non-sustainable actions

Social Studies: People and Their Environments:
The Local Community

B3.1 Identify some of the natural and built features of their community

B3.2 Identify some distinct areas in the local community


B3.6 Demonstrate the ability to construct simple maps of places they have visited using symbols and non-standard units


B3.7 Identify some of the services in the community for which the government is responsible

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