Bringing the rhythms of Brazil to Dusk Dances

L to R Michel DeQuevedo, Dave Gould, Sean Park

L to R Michel DeQuevedo, Dave Gould, Sean Park

If you have ever heard samba or seen it played live it is very difficult to stand still. Samba is infectious; it takes over your body. So, it makes perfect sense that this year’s Dusk Dances band will be playing samba.

Hamilton musician Dave Gould, known for making and playing unusual instruments (caribou antlers), has teamed up with Michel DeQuevedo and Hammer City Samba, lead by Sean Park and Dave, to create lively and danceable experience for this year’s Dusk Dances.

“The collaboration brings together the driving rhythms of Brazilian samba, popular Spanish folk songs everyone can sing along to, like Guantanamera, and the Mobile Percussion Machine for all to play along with us,” says Dave.  He invented the Mobile Percussion Machine with many different repurposed items attached to a barrel that has wheels. About seven to eight people can play it at a time and is playable while moving.

“All our tunes will be samba rhythms played by a small but energetic band with bass drums called surdos, gogo bells, snare drums and tamborims,” adds Dave.

“The music will start with the Hammer City Samba making the calls to dance,” says Dave. “Once grooving, Michel will join in with guitar and sing a popular Spanish song.  He will then put down his guitar and pick up his African Djembe drum raising the energy more with a blazing solo.  Then the Mobile Percussion Machine will be unveiled and rolled out to the dance area for all to grab sticks and jam along with the beats.”

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