Dusk Dances! What?

2017 has been a year of change. Graduating from university, I had the mission of reintegrating myself into the city that I once used to call home: Hamilton. An opportunity presented itself through the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Dance Theatre in the form of their annual Dusk Dances event. This was my chance to gain first-hand experience and contribute to the prospering art scene that so many people had begun raving about.

Beginning my work as the Local Event and Volunteer Coordinator for 2017 as a fresh face, I wondered what this festival was all about. I understood the basic idea that there would be dancing and performance but the rest was still a mystery to me. My first impression of the festival came from getting in contact with past volunteers and seeing the enthusiasm so many had for becoming involved again. “Good start” I thought to myself. But the details I would only find out by experiencing it for myself.

At the festival itself, crowds gathered, artists came to lead dance workshops and the dancers entered their realm of expertise, showing all in the audience why they were meant to do what they do. People described what they had seen with passion, using words such as “magic”. Why did this word come up so often? Magic is a word used to describe an experience so ethereal that it transcends boundaries. It reaches into your body and touches your soul, leaving a smile and glow of excitement. It’s no wonder people returned night after night to experience the same event over again!

The atmosphere of the festival was one of unity. For the short duration of each evening, everyone participating felt magnetically drawn to that moment in time. We had all come together to enjoy life, leaving the messy intricacies of everyday life behind us for a change.

Picture Jasmine Mander

By Jasmine Mander

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