Hoppin’ workshop

Margot Smith of the Hammer Hoppers

Margot Smith of the Hammer Hoppers

Back again, this year to teach a free workshop at Dusk Dances is Hammer Hoppers. Group member Margot Smith will be taking participants through the basics of the Lindy Hop and some solo jazz moves.

“The Lindy Hop is silly, fun, comedic and high energy,” says Smith. “The Lindy Hop has a basic step, but there is room for freedom of expression, do whatever you want with your hands and feet.”

Although these dances are usually danced with a partner, none will be needed for the Thursday night workshop, she adds.

Hammer Hoppers is a dance studio that promotes vintage dances from the 1920s, `30s and `40s by offering dance lessons and social dances. They teach the Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Authentic Jazz every Wednesday night at the Sky Dragon Centre Studio. Every other Friday night at the Westdale United Church Hamilton Hoppers holds a social dance with a DJ. Starting in September, the group will have a live band playing swing music once a month at their social dances.

Unlike physically demanding dances like ballet that require years of mastery, you can get started enjoying vintage swing dances almost right away, says Margot. Hamilton Hoppers has 30 minute drop-in beginner lessons that are geared to have people, who have never danced before, enjoy a social dance and feel involved.

“Like anything, dance ability and skill comes from years of practice but the idea is you can start dancing right away,” says Margot.

Anyone who is interested in swing music and vintage dance can view TedxTalks and YouTube videos, says Margot. One particular TedxTalk traces the history of the Lindy Hop. Visit to view it.

“Coming to the workshop on Thursday is a good opportunity to try something different and find out what vintage dance is all about,” says Margot.

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Blog Post by Amy Reusch

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