Promoting movement and health through dance

Allie Sommerville

Allie Sommerville

Every year, Dusk Dances offers free dance workshops before the performances start. Each evening offers something new for everybody.

Allie Sommerville will be bringing her contagious energy and love of dance to Saturday night’s festivities.  She will be leading a dance fusion fitness workshop, using many different music genres and moves to get you dancing.

Allie teaches dance fusion classes at Soul Sessions located on James Street North. Her foray into dance fitness started about nine years when she took a Zumba class. The owner of the gym, where she was taking the classes, quickly noticed how much Allie loved to dance and asked her to become an instructor. She agreed and started teaching Zumba classes; but quickly made them her own.

Today she teaches dance fusion and Latin dance fitness classes several times a week at Soul Sessions.

“Every class is different,” says Allie. “I use music like pop, soca, dancehall, salsa, hip hop and Bollywood. Whatever I feel like listening to at the time.”

The mirrors are covered so attendees can see only see their faces so they focus on moving and not on critiquing their body movements, she says.

“This Saturday people should expect some music you can’t help but move to and easy to follow along instructions,” says Allie. “There is not a wrong way to dance.”

Dance workshops run nightly beginning at 6 p.m.

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