Rehearsing outside

Picture Glen Lowson

Picture Glen Lowson

By Amy Reusch

This week the Incandescent cast rehearsed outside for the first time since we began in early June. The weather was warm and sunny with clear skies on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Perfect conditions for the next step in our journey together.

Being at Bayfront Park, we now have a better picture of where and how the performance will go and look. For the past six weeks we have been rehearsing in the safety of indoors. So moving outside was an adjustment for us non-dancers! This whole process is made a little more real.

But with the support and encouragement of choreographers Meredith Thompson and Kate Franklin, and each other, we had successful rehearsals.

We blocked the dance, got our locations and ran through the entire dance a couple of times. Trees and other landmarks in the park are now our markers for the dance.

Being part of the performance requires some improvisation and openness to change. It’s a collective creative process, with new ideas and minor changes to make the piece complete. So, there were some changes on Monday and Wednesday, but we are adapting faster, and helping each other out.

The group is growing closer and more supportive with every rehearsal. I have no doubt we will build on that in the coming week.

Next week is rehearsals Monday and Tuesday nights, then dress rehearsals on Wednesday.

It’s hard to believe that the performance is just days away, but the excitement is palpable in the group.

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