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Canada: From Colony to Country
Stories from the War of 1812

Junior, Intermediate

Characters and events from the War of 1812 tell the stories of Canada’s fight against the American invasion. Learn about General Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Laura Secord and General Hull. Discover through story and art how this war truly made Canada a Country.

Please note: This Field Trip experience is under revision and not currently being offered.

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A1.1 Imitate movements found in their natural environment in a variety of ways and incorporate them into a dance phrase

A1.2 Use dance as a language to represent ideas from diverse literature sources, with a focus on time and energy

A1.3 Create dance phrases using a variety of pattern forms

A1.4 Demonstrate how dance elements can be used to create and expand the movement vocabulary within different sections of a larger pattern

Cross-Curriculum Info

Strand A. Heritage and Identity:
Communities in Canada, 1780-1850

A1. Compare ways of life among some specific groups in Canada around the beginning of the nineteenth century, and describe some of the changes between that era and the present day


A3. Identify some of the communities in Canada around the beginning of the nineteenth century, and describe their relationships to the land and to each other


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