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National park

The Great Kapok Tree

 Kindergarten, Primary (Recommended Grades: K, 1)

The Rainforest is being threatened and the animals must find a way to protect their home. Sing the song of celebration and dance the dance of the animals as they join in the celebration of life. Create artwork and learn how we too can help support and protect the Rainforest.

A1.1 Use movements that are part of their daily experience in a variety of ways in dance phrases

A1.2 Use dance as a language to express feelings and ideas suggested by songs, stories, and poems, with a focus on the element of body, particularly body shapes

A1.3 Create dance phrases using a variety of ways to connect movements

A1.4 Use varied and/or contrasting body shapes to communicate different types of messages

Cross-Curriculum Info

Social Studies:
People and their Environments: Global Communities

Strand A. Heritage and Identity: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities

A1. Describe some of the ways in which people’s roles, relationships, and responsibilities relate to who they are and what their situation is, and how and why changes in circumstances might affect people’s roles, relationships, and responsibilities as well as their sense of self

A3. Demonstrate an understanding that they and other people have different roles, relationships, and responsibilities, and that all people should be treated with respect, regardless of their roles, relationships, and responsibilities

Children demonstrate an understanding of the importance of sustainability with people’s relationship with their environment and the consequences of sustainable and non-sustainable actions

Jungle Waterfall

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